Party Games

OK, so you have the castle and all the kids are having a great time, as you are standing there supervising why not introduce some games to make the bouncy castle party even more fun.

Below are a few ideas but with a little thought you will be able to come up with ideas.

Keep in mind that you want everyone to have a safe time as well as fun so never let the kids jump on each other or on parts of the unit that are out of bounds.

Animal Bounce.

This game is suitable for young children but we have used it with adults which was a great laugh. Give everyone an animal name and then they have to bounce like that animal or go through the obstacle course pretending to be that animal doing the actions and making the sound the animal would.

Try frog, kangaroo, rabbit, bird, elephant, tiger and snail is always funny !

Award prices for the best performance.

The Giggle Game

Get one kid to lie down in the corner of the bouncy castle. Then get another to lie down at right angles to the first with their head on the first kid's stomach. Do this with a third and then keep going until you have everyone lying down. Tell everyone not to move and be really quiet. Make the first kid laugh by saying " HA" this will cause a tidal wave of laughter with everyone.

The Balloon Game

Have some balloons ready to go and fill the bouncing castle with them and see if the children can burst them by jumping on them. Good noisy fun, remember to take out the burst balloons.

Musical Chairs

From way back when but do it on a bouncy castle, play music get everyone bouncing and last to stop is out. You can also play it by getting kids to lie down when the music stops.

The Number Game

Get the children to number off. Then get them to run around and sit in a circle with the birthday child in the centre. Then the birthday child calls out 2 numbers. The kids with these 2 numbers have to get up and bounce around the outside of the circle and swap seats while the birthday kid tries to beat them to one of the empty spots. You will then have one standing, they then call another 2 numbers and try to get a spot.

Make sure the kids remember their numbers!

The Waiter Game

This is best played on a large obstacle course. Split the group in to teams of around 4. You will need plastic cups, plastic trays. The idea is you fill the cups with water and then the team in a race has to carry the tray down the obstacle course without spilling any of the water. The team with the most water still in the cups at the end is the winner.

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