Give Me The Heads Up On All This Please

Let me start by saying what an important subject this is and then I am going to ask you a question.

Would you drive your children or their friends in an uninsured car? I doubt you would. As with cars, bouncing castles need an annual safety test authorized by the Department of the Environment, if this is not in place neither is the insurance cover. We have certificates in place for all our equipment. Our public liability cover extends to € 6.5 million. This covers you if we do something wrong it does not cover irresponsible, unsupervised or dangerous use of our equipment and we will not be held responsible for accidents that happen due to negligence or abuse of the equipment. Both sets of certificates are available for you to see should you require them.

The most important factor in children having a safe time on a bouncing castle is adult supervision. What we mean by this is someone standing beside the castle and being involved in what is going on. Talking to the kids, making sure they are not jumping on each other, not climbing on walls or or other parts of the unit which are clearly not to be used. Making sure no groups hang out at the top of slides, they go down slides feet first one at a time, no jumping down, they are called slides for a reason! No climbing up slides they are a one way street ! No bashing into smaller kids. No running out from the unit onto the grass. No food or drink or sticks or balls brought in. At this point if you are still reading this you understand. If you think you have the unit overcrowded you do, take some kids off and give them turns.

Remember a Bouncing Castle Is Not A Baby Sitter.................They have a different phone number

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